Title:Migraine - New Surgical Treatment
 Authors:Ali M Sultaneh, Ph.D, none
 Abstract:Introduction: To find a simple surgical means of local anesthetization, with no negative side effects, that will cure the ailment, accomplishing the following:

Methods: I have performed the operation on (1224) patients. The patients are divided into four groups, based on where their pain was located and how it spread. Under local anesthesia, I made a small incision (1.5-2cm) in places where the main superficial temporal artery passes in front of the ear pavillion and above the upper edge of the external auditory duct and I suture it. In the same manner, I identify the location where the frontal branch of the superficial temporal artery passes over the lateral edge of the eyebrow, and I suture it (frontal migraine) uni- or bilateral. Also For patients suffering from (occipital migraine), I suture the artery in places where the occipital artery passes laterally at protuberantia occipitalis external, a distance of about 2- 2,5 cm uni- or bilateral suturing.

Results: After operation the pain vanished completely, as did the accompanying symptoms (ocular, digestive, neural, psychological), and the patients dispensed with medications they had takeh for many years.

Conclusions: 1. There is no relation between the middle meningeal artery or basilar artery or any intracranial artery and pain of migraine. 2. The superficial temporary artery is the cause of migraine in about 95% of patients, while the occipital artery is cause in about 5% of patients. 3. Surgery under local anesthesia is should eliminate the pain completely, as well as all accompanying symptoms. 4. The suturing surgery has no side effects. 5. The surgery is indicated for all kinds of migraine pain and any vascular headaches caused by a chronic disease except hypertension syndrome.

 Format:Oral Poster
 Meeting:CNS 2001 San Diego, California

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